I am going to go out on a limb and say for someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in Lafayette, 2020 will not go down in their history as a total dumpster fire. It won't go down as the best year ever, but they will have a $50,000 highlight to make this year of hurricanes and pandemics a little bit easier to remember in a good way.

In last night's multi-state Powerball Lottery game no single ticket matched all the numbers necessary to claim the game's top prize. That will now evolve into an estimated $82 million when the game is played again on Saturday night.

However, according to the Louisiana Lottery website a ticket sold in Lafayette can lay claim to $50,000. That ticket matched four of the five white-ball numbers and the Powerball in the October 14, 2020 drawing.

Here are the numbers that were drawn:

21 37 52 53 58 PB 05 PP x2

The Lottery website says the ticket was sold in Lafayette at Jiffy Mart #8 which is located on the Southeast Evangeline Thruway. Should you be the person holding that lucky ticket you'll want to sign the back of it right now to protect your interests.

Also, you'll want to contact the Louisiana Lottery offices to make arrangements to claim your prize. The next Powerball drawing is scheduled to take place at 9:59 pm on Saturday.


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