The Lafayette Police Department has announced they will be installing 52 security cameras around the Lafayette area in high-crime locations. The Lafayette City-Parish Council approved the nearly $700,000 budget it will take to complete the project.

The question is, is it an invasion of privacy?

LPD isn't saying exactly where the camera are going, but are saying the majority will be installed in upper Lafayette's areas of high crime.

From KATC -

Resident Reggie Bauer said. "It's bad. It's like sometimes you can't even go outside because they are shooting or selling drugs."

Bauer lives near Louisiana Avenue and Simcoe Street. He's happy about a plan to set up more cameras in the neighborhood and other neighbors said the same.

 "Anything that is going to protect my children that are out there playing and keep them out of harm's way, yeah i am all for it," Lafayette resident Albert 'Dat Tim' Johnson said.

Lafayette Public Information Officer Paul Mouton says the cameras are only going to be used during a crime, or after a crime has already occurred.

Executive Director of Louisiana's American Civil Liberties Union Marjorie Esman says these cameras could be a violation of civil liberties.

From KATC -

To track an individual without a warrant, that would be an invasion of privacy and a violation of their constitutional rights," Esman said. "It's very important that images not be retained for any longer than is absolutely necessary.


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