"Be the change you wish to see", Ghandi said that and he was right on target. So many of us find reason every day to complain about the state of the world in which we live. So many of us miss several opportunities to change that world everyday too. We seem to think it's the big things we need to change. That is wrong, if we change the little things the big things will come around.

What you see here is a simple act of kindness. A motorcyclist out for a drive notices something peculiar on the sidewalk. There is no telling how many other motorist or pedestrians saw exactly what this biker saw. The difference is he chose to do something about what he saw. What he saw and what he did made me smile.

Everyday there is a chance to make a difference for someone. Maybe it's as simple as a hello or warm smile. Maybe it's helping someone with a dead battery get their car started in the afternoon heat. You can find these small opportunities to make the world a better place and when you do you are becoming the change you want to see.

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