A University of Michigan study has America and the world for that matter, in total shock about how some of the foods we enjoy eating affect our lifespan. We all know a hot dog is not the most healthy food a person can put in their mouth, but who thought one single harmless-looking hot dog could take 36.3 minutes off your lifespan?

In a recent study by The University of Michigan, published in the Nature Food journal, over 7,000 researchers around the world helped to come up with data regarding foods that add or subtract minutes from our lives. The study is referred to as the Global Burden of Disease and the results are staggering.

We based our Health Nutritional Index on a large epidemiological study called the Global Burden of Disease, a comprehensive global study and database developed with the help of more than 7,000 researchers around the world. The Global Burden of Disease determines the risks and benefits associated with multiple environmental, metabolic, and behavioral factors—including 15 dietary risk factors. -University of Michigan


The University of Michigan study found these foods will add minutes to your life:

  • Peanut butter & jam sandwich +33.1 minutes
  • Baked salmon +13.5 minutes
  • Banana +13.5 minutes
  • Tomatoes +3.8 minutes
  • Avocado +2.8 minutes
  • French fries +1.5 minutes

The University of Michigan study found these foods will subtract minutes from your life:

  • Cheddar -1.4 minutes
  • Bacon -6.4 minutes
  • Pizza -7.8 minutes
  • Double cheeseburger -8.8 minutes
  • Soft drink -12.4 minutes
  • Hot dog -36.3 minutes

How Eating Various Foods Affects Your Lifespan

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