We sure love our classic country music in south Louisiana. In particular, if you enjoy the music of Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, you are in for a treat real soon.

The Grand Opera House of The South in Crowley will be hosting "A Salute to Conway & Loretta" on two nights, September 1 & 2, 2021. The show is performed by Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn, grandchildren of the iconic duo.

Here is how the show is described:

The pair will be honoring their grandparents in a heartfelt tribute that has brought tears to the eyes of many. Covering many of the number 1 hits and beloved classics of their grandparents that will hold the audience captive.

What's even more special is that September 1 is the birthday of Conway Twitty. He would have been 88 years old.

Conway Twitty passed away in 1993 while Loretta Lynn, of course, is still very much active.

It's been a couple of years since Mrs. Loretta has been on the road touring, but she has been putting out music as recently as earlier this year with the release of Still Woman Enough.

Tickets are on sale now for both shows, which begin at 7:00 pm. For ticket information, click here.

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