If you are like most women, you have several different kinds of perfumes for different times of the season, situations, etc. Here's a little guide on what perfume to wear for what specific outing.

There's something about a spritz of perfume that can make you feel a certain type of way. I know in the dead of the summer I like a floral scent that is light and pleasant. Did you know there are certain scents which act as mood boosters? Next time you are stressed out, think of this perfume guide.

According to Women's Health, the right fragrance can help you run faster, dull the sting of a bikini wax, and attract a guy. Who knew?!

  1. If you are planning on a romantic evening, a vanilla and musk scent will help get a rise out of your guy. Vanilla aromas are soothing and shall I say... seductive. One of my favorites is Dolce & Gabana 'The One.'
  2. If you are going to a social gathering where you will be meeting lots of people, spray a floral scent which is linked to memory enhancement. A good one to have in stock at home is Estee Lauder 'Modern Muse.'
  3. If you are about to get a bikini wax, spray something sweet to reduce the sting. Hopefully this is true! Try Prada 'Candy.'
  4. If you are feeling down in the dumps and need a mood lift, spray a woodsy fragrance. The deep aroma is proven to increase the feel-good hormones your body produces. Try Yves Saint Laurent 'Elle Intense.'
  5. If you are not looking forward to a work day filled with meetings, you need a jolt of citrus. Monday mornings will need something like 'Feerie' by Van Cleef and Arpels for extra brain power.
  6. Believe it or not, a certain scent could help you run faster. If you are training for a race, boost your energy with a fresh scent. Cool, tingly scents are proven to wake you up and help performance. Next time you are doing the annual 5K, spray Coach 'Legacy.'

Obviously, scents can be powerful and helpful, so keep this in mind for next time!



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