We all have a personal air about us. That's why we put on deodorant. Often our personal fragrance is not what most would consider pleasant. The fragrance industry knows this and that's why they offer us a selection of colognes and perfumes that conjure images of desire, romance, and closeness. None of these perfumes would conjure up anything but a desire to open a window, light a match, and turn on a fan.

  • 1

    Two-A-Days by Coach O

    If you can imagine the exhilarating fragrance of three hundred pound men straining under extreme physical exertion for a couple of hours in 90-degree heat, then we've got a fragrance for you. This would be a man's fragrance that would certainly improve the odor of anyone who's been rolling around in bait for several hours.

  • 2

    Evening In Sulphur by PPG

    There is nothing like the sights of Sulphur on a clear night. the bright lights of the plants, the occasional flare off of natural gas from a solitary chimney, and the swaying of the I-10 bridge over the Calcasieu River just adds to the ambience. Just be careful if you open the window. We recommend this fragrance if you've been eating eggs. At least you'll have an excuse.

  • 3

    Wet Sunday Gutter by Bourbon Street

    Just one whiff of this intoxicating brew will have you guessing who puked, who died, and who is passed out under all those Lucky Dog wrappers. It's a fragrance that almost all of us have inhaled, it's usually after a night we can't remember. So, if you have a desire to remember just slap a little of this fragrance on your person and be prepared to be alone with your thoughts.

  • 4

    I Can Wait by Festival Johns

    They're confining, they're plastic, they hold heat like an oven, and the ventilation is about the same as the inside of Ziploc bag. They are the festival "accommodations" we've all had to really think about using. Despite the fact that hygiene is always a priority by those that supply these oases of relief the combination of beer, boudin, body odor, and well, you know make this fragrance a must if you ever need to stop a terrorist attack from seven miles away.

  • 5

    Did You Fart? by Ambassador Bridge

    It's the age-old answer that many in Lafayette have stated over the years, 'I swear, it wasn't me!' The unique aroma that could only be found on the Ambassador Caffery bridge near the water treatment plant can now be found inside your medicine cabinet. If nothing else, this eau de parfum is certainly a conversation starter, which will usually begin the same way - 'Alright, who did it?'


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