Danni Trahan, a 17-year-old Acadiana High student who works at Richard's Seafood Patio is donating all of the tips she earns tonight to her fellow Wrecking Ram who is the victim of a hit and run. Get this, Danni hardly even knows the boy she's vowing to help.

The hit-and-run collision happened Sept. 14 at about 2:15 a.m. in the 2700 block of the NE Frontage Road, where Danni Trahan's classmate was reportedly struck by a northbound truck that fled the scene.

From KATC -

"What seems to have impressed restaurant manager Roxanne Gilton most is that, although Trahan is an Acadiana High School classmate of the victim, her teen waitress said she hardly knows the boy who was injured. Gilton explained that Trahan's desire to help a fellow student, who is not described as a friend of hers, is so inspirational that restaurant management has decided to help as well.

Gilton noted that she plans to accompany her benevolent employee this Sunday to visit the hit-and-run victim in the hospital, where Gilton said she intends to present an additional donation on behalf of the restaurant."

A message to Dani's parents...you've obviously done a great job raising your Daughter.

Lafayette Police Department are asking that anyone with information about the crash or the identity of the suspect to call LPD or Crime Stoppers at 337-232-TIPS.


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