After a weekend that started with off and on showers on Saturday and then ending in spectacular fashion with strong thunderstorms, high winds, hail, and reported tornadoes I'd say we, the people of Acadiana, are due for a little quiet and calm. Fortunately, that's exactly what weather forecasters are offering us for the balance of this workweek.

Last night's severe storms were kicked up in part by a frontal system that moved from Texas into Louisiana late in the day on Sunday. Behind the front, we can expect much calmer conditions and drier air too. In fact, you might have trouble believing that Memorial Day weekend is this weekend the weather will seem so pleasant.

While the humidity might be a bit lower, especially for the early part of the week, temperatures will remain seasonable. As we approach the weekend afternoon high temperatures will be approaching 90 degrees.

The outlook for the Memorial Day Weekend does include a slight increase in the chances of rain but as of now, the three day weekend doesn't appear to be set up to be a washout by any means. In fact, I think you'll be able to spend more time sitting by the pool or working in the yard than you will spend dodging raindrops.


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