The threat of showers and thunderstorms will likely be a part of Acadiana's daily weather forecast every day this week with the exception of Friday. This is nice because Friday is Valentine's Day and a lot of people will not want their outfits and hairstyles ruined during their romantic evening out.

The days leading up to Valentine's Day, namely, today, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will each include the threat of a shower. Today has already seen some widely scattered showers flowing across South Louisiana during the early morning hours. That will likely continue for much of the day.

There is a potential for stronger storms in the northern listening areas of Acadiana but for the most part, the Storm Prediction Center has a severe threat confined to an area well north of us. There is a greater threat of severe weather on Wednesday, again the greatest threat appears to be north of Acadiana for that weather event as well.

Temperatures across the region will be mild today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The stronger storms forecast for Wednesday will usher in colder temperatures by Thursday morning. Friday's afternoon temperature should be great for snuggling as you head out to that Valentine's dinners later this week.


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