It's been a while since we haven't been asked to tell you about a heat advisory from the National Weather Service. The past couple of days across the region have been absolutely oppressive, especially if you combine the heat with the humidity. Today will still be hot, but it won't be as hot.

Okay, we're talking about a difference in air temperature of 95 degrees versus 93 degrees but in heat index values the spread is more significant. Let's say the difference between 103 degrees and 112 degrees, and no, it's not a dry heat.

The problem, besides the heat, over the past few days has been the lack of cooling afternoon and early evening showers and thunderstorms. It looks as if we will have one more day, today, to be mostly dry in the afternoon. Changes including a pretty good chance of storms will arrive across the area tomorrow.

The best chance of rain during the day on Thursday will come in the afternoon and early evening hours. Right now most of the forecasts that I have read put the probability at about 60%. As of now, there is no forecast of severe storms, at least a widespread outbreak of severe storms.

By Friday the South Louisiana weather pattern should return to a more seasonal forecast. That means partly cloudy days with a chance of showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening hours. Rain chances on Friday and through the weekend should be in the 30% to 40% range.


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