What's better than corned beef? Cajun corned beef, obviously!

I mean, Corned beef is good, but we all know that nothing beats some good old fashioned Louisiana cooking. So, there's no question that Cajun corned beef is going to be delicious.

It may not be "traditional" but we like to do things a little differently in Louisiana anyway, so why not shake things up on St. Patrick's Day too?

According to Nana's Quick Recipes, Cajun corned beef isn't too difficult to make. Plus, you probably already have the extra Cajun ingredients hanging around the house.

Here's what you'll need:

  •  3  to 5 pounds corned beef
  •    1  large cabbage
  •    4  large onions
  •    4  cups sauterne wine
  •    2  T worcestershire
  •    1  whole cayenne pepper or a dash of hot pepper sauce
  • Salt to taste

And here's how you make it:

  • Cover corned beef with water.
  •   Add wine, Worcestershire and cayenne pepper.
  •    Boil until tender. ( 2 to 3 hours)
  •    Remove the corned beef and keep warm.
  •    Cut cabbage into quarters and add to the stock.
  •    Add whole onions and boil until tender; salt to taste.
  •    Slice beef and serve over cabbage.


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