As with many of America's major cities, basically every city in the state of Louisiana held some type of protest yesterday in the wake of the George Floyd murder in Minnesota.

For the most part, the protests were held peacefully without major incidents.

However, last night in Baton Rouge, things got a bit dicey for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department and a group of about 100 demonstrators.

After a protest that started peacefully around 9:00 pm, protesters began blocking part of Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge around midnight. This prompted East Baton Rouge sheriff's deputies to line the street in riot gear, opposite the protestors.

For the majority of the march, participants stayed on the shoulders of the road while carrying signs. But at some point, marchers branched off and began blocking traffic lanes.

Deputies in tactical gear then arrived at the scene and formed a line near the marchers to let them know that blocking traffic would not be tolerated.

Some protesters used the opportunity to throw rocks and water bottles at the deputies, but were threatened and chased away by other protestors who did not want the situation to escalate.

The road was closed for a short period of time to prevent injuries and to allow time for both sides to cool off.

The crowds remained on the shoulder, however, refusing to leave until the deputies left first.

Deputies eventually complied and left the area. A short time afterward the crowd dispersed.

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