As far as weather forecasters are concerned the meteorological outlook for South Louisiana this week is pretty mundane. But, if you happen to be making plans for a cookout, swimming party, or fireworks celebration that mundane forecast could leave you with a lot of plans up in the air.

This week the entire state of Louisiana will experience what is known as "typical summer weather". That means the day will dawn with bright sunshine, by noon, a few clouds will begin to develop, by the late afternoon or early evening hours there will be widely scattered air mass thunderstorms.

While we all know that this is the weather scenario that is most likely to happen. What we don't know is exactly when or exactly where those downpours will happen. That's what could throw a wet towel on your fireworks Wednesday and Thursday especially.

Forecasters do say that our better chances of the afternoon and early evening showers will come on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday's July Fourth celebrations the rain chances will be minimal but they will still be there.

Personally, I don't think any outdoor celebrations will be cancelled by any specific weather event. They might be postponed for a few hours but for the most part, your holiday celebrations should go off with a bang.

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