While the U.S. government argues about whether or not to ban TikTok, it appears the app is the go-to place for messages from our future.

A TikTok user who goes by @radianttimeraveler on the app posted on the app Thursday that an alien known as "The Champion" had arrived and subsequently departed Earth, taking with him (her? it?) 8,000 humans, and that this was all part of an effort to stop an invading alien race known only as The Distant.

The Champion allegedly came looking for the best "engineers, scientists, doctors and leaders" Earth had, in order to stave off the coming disaster.

The coming alien invasion from "The Distant" is apparently not the first time the alien race has come to Earth, the video states. Apparently, the Pyramids of Giza were erected by The Distant and are a symbol of ownership of the Earth.

Farthest Object In Solar System Discovered
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Most of the comments on the TikTok video are people mocking the poster and generally skeptical the idea that we are close to an alien invasion. Several of the commenters also seemed disappointed they weren't considered worthy enough to be one of the 8,000 selected to be saved from the invasion.

Is There Life Out There?

The question of life out there has long been asked. With the limitless potential of the universe, it stands to reason that at least one of those stars has a planet that can sustain life on it.

But how far (or near) are they?

One Harvard professor recently declared that, based on his projections, there were as many as 4 quintillion spaceships in our solar system.

That's right in our cosmic backyard!

Of course, there have been rumors of military aircraft coming across objects moving in impossible ways, close encounters with unidentified craft, and other things we've seen glimpses of in declassified videos from the Pentagon itself.

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