I am usually pretty good with my country music history, however, there is one thing I did not know (and I will forever be ashamed of it).


Hank Williams Jr.
Joshua Timmermans for Taste of Country Music Festival


Why did no one inform me that Hank Williams, Jr fell down a mountain in 1975?

Anyway, today is the anniversary of his accident that happened on Ajax Mountain in Montana. I have always wondered why he never shaved his beard or removed the sunglasses or cowboy hat. This young one learned something new today!

If you want to hear anything from ole Hank, give us shout on the Leash Line at (337) 261-9797. Classic Country Saturday Night is all by your request and gets going in just a bit. Get your songs ready Dawgs and have a fantastic Louisiana Saturday Night!

Are all your rowdy friends coming over tonight?


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