Sometimes driving on U.S. Highway 90 feels like an action adventure movie. There is danger all around and you never know from which direction it will come. Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development has noticed some of those dangers too. That's why another direct cross over of the roadway has been modified into a "J" turn.

The "J" turn does not allow motorist to cross directly over the lanes of oncoming traffic to complete a left turn. This system forces motorist to turn right, travel a short distance down the highway and then make a U-turn at a signal controlled intersection. The latest "J" turn is at the former junction of LA 92 ( Youngsville Highway) and U.S. 90. Motorist are advised that a direct crossover at that interchange is no longer possible.

While many see the "J" turns as a confusing aggravation they do appear to be reducing the number of instances of high speed crashes that the former cross over spots were known for. This is also part of the process in morphing that part of U.S. 90 into an extension of Interstate 49 to New Orleans. The roadway is currently designated as the future I-49 corridor.

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