Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson is sending out a reminder to everyone that anyone can become of a victim of a scam if they are not careful.

Over the past year, the Sheriff says they have investigated attempted scams, and unfortunately, some successful scams where people have lost money.

Gibson reminds residents that if someone is asking for you to pay a bill you know nothing about where they pretend to be from a hospital, the IRS or some other business, you should hang up. He says next, you should report it to local law enforcement.

Some of the callers may not be brave enough to ask for your bank account number, instead directing you to purchase a gift card for payment. The Sheriff says never send anyone information over the phone as they will ask for the information on the gift card.

Scammers constantly make millions of calls a day across our country, and they will try to get your personal information including your bank account information.

He says do not talk to these callers, and unless  you are doing business with a particular company, don't even answer the phone when they call.

Once you repeatedly ignore their calls, these people will stop calling you and move on to someone else.



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