I'm a big believer in 'it's the thought that counts', and for that matter, I love to make gifts for friends and family. With that being said, I have no tolerance for people giving gifts because they feel pressured into it, or putting zero thought into your present. I also don't think money has anything to do with gifts. At all. Just do something sweet that costs nothing!

The folks at Red Tricycle have given me a big laugh this year with their list of 31 of the worst Valentine's gifts, ever. Whatever kind of V Day you're having, hope you at least get a smile out of the list below. My top 10 faves are listed, but be sure to check out all the hilarious, but hideous goofs here

  • Droopy plant/flowers, with the discount price still attached
  • Flowers for someone else. You should have removed that card before you handed the second hand roses over.
  • Toilet seat. Seriously? Not even if they're a home improvement fanatic
  • Candy with inappropriate messages. No. Just because your guy friends think it's funny doesn't mean she will
  • Meat box. Raw steak shaped like a heart. Yes, you can actually buy this. I'm kind of on the fence on this one. Steak is steak!
  • Any appliance, cleaning tools or supplies. Yeah, that ought to get the romance going.
  • Cards that make jokes about bodily functions
  • Perfume, but not hers. Did you check first, or just rolled into Walgreens at midnight and grabbed something off the first shelf?
  • Candy is he/she is on a diet
  • Nothing. Even a sweet note costs zero, but says so much about the giver.

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