I will begin by introducing you to two friends I have the pleasure of knowing: Clarence (Clearance) and Sally (Sale). They are trustworthy friends who always have your pocket book in mind.

However, the month of March isn't a bad friend to have either. If you are one of those folks who waits to buy certain things until they go on sale for a decent price, I have the hit the savings jackpot.

Ekaterina Minaeva/ThinkStock
Ekaterina Minaeva/ThinkStock

--- Are you a chocolate lover like I am? Because the holiday of love and candy has passed, most chocolate is on sale for 50% off or more. You're welcome...

--- Hey photographers! Did you know that digital cameras a likely on sale this month? Well, even though Christmas has come and gone, there are always leftovers. Digital cameras seem to usually be in surplus therefore, on sale.

man shot with a photo camera
Francesco Salvaggio/ThinkStock

--- Now this is one I might just have to look into: exercise equipment. In need of a treadmill or maybe an elliptical? March is likely your best bet for a good deal.

--- This is one that I didn't think of but makes a lot of sense: humidifiers. They fly off of the shelves during winter because of dry air, but when it gets warmer, you can bet you will get a great deal.

According to 'Consumer Reports,' these four items are what you will save the most on in the month of March. Maybe you want to buy now for later. Or maybe you need presents for next year. I will never judge a good sale!


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