I am about to tell you ladies something that you already know. You own lots of clothes and you wear a small percentage of what you own.

(In all fairness, guys are probably the same way, we just own less.)

A new survey found that the average woman has 103 things in her closet. But...

  1. She thinks 33% are too tight.
  2. 24% are too loose.
  3. She just flat out hates 21% of it.
  4. 12% are brand new still with the tags still on it.
  5. That only leaves 10% that she actually likes and wears, or about 10 or 11 things!

But wait, there's more. The survey also found that 47% of women say they struggle picking out what to wear for work. And another 10% feel depressed when they open their closet.

Looks like we got to go shopping, ladies!

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