The word snoring makes me cringe.  I can remember those nights where my extended family would come visit for the weekend, and that means snoring uncles.  But this wasn't just a snore; it was so loud it shook the walls! Yeah really, try sleeping with that ruckus.  Not possible!  First of all, how can your wife ever get any sleep?  Second, no wonder wives are cranky sometimes, probably because your unbearable noise.

Check list:

Daytime Sleepiness- Check

Unexplained Headaches- Check

Do I snore- No Check

Good news though: There is a simple easy solution! Or at least that is what these people claim.  It is called the "My Snoring Solution Chinstrap."

My Snoring Solution Chinstrap

Here comes the part where I say, "Ha!"  What the heck is a thing strapped to my face at night going to do?  I'd look goofy, and it is probably an old jockstrap material that was recycled.

But hey I won't say it doesn't work.  Would you ever try this?  It's been proven to help.

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