We are stuck on sweet treats for this Foodie Friday. Chef Jill McCoy was recently on the road taking her knowledge of culinary kick butt to Florida for an appearance at a major theme park where a mouse lives. It's funny what the lawyers will let you say and won't let you say isn't it?

Regardless our favorite femme fatale of flavor was looking to bring a sweet treat to her guests at the rodent's residence and she let me in on her recipe. It's a very delicious tasty treat. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and will not make your waistline get all goofy. You saw what I did there?

If you love banana nut bread as I do, the bread alone would be a show stopper. It's light and fresh tasting with a texture that doesn't feel like it will sit in your stomach like a paperweight. The flavor combination in the bread recipe is a just right combination for the taste buds to enjoy a little mystery. There is a hint of this and hint of that but the harmony of these flavors is a full range symphony for your palate.

The cookie butter swirl is just a bonus if you ask me. It's unexpected and it's a great surprise in the middle of this delightful bread. Even if you are on the shy side when it comes to baking you'll find this recipe comes together quickly and the results are almost fool proof.

I think this recipe will fill the bill for a unique breakfast bread or brunch favorite. It's also quite good as a midday snack during your coffee break or when you want something flavorful in the evening. It even transports quite well making it a great unexpected surprise in your tailgating portfolio as well.

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