It was a bittersweet opportunity for one Baton Rouge native as she competed on a national TV show, only to have things sour in the end.

Vallery Lomas was a contestant on the ABC show "Great American Baking Show" and actually won the contest. However, her winning moment never aired on TV. One of the judges, Anthony Iuzzini, was accused of sexual misconduct and the show was pulled after just two episodes.

"I got a phone call from one of the producers that was with us in England...she said, 'Well the network has decided to pull the show,' and I was shocked," Lomas said.

That shock turned to anger and then disappointment for the 32-year-old attorney. Lomas dedicated six months of her life to filming and promoting the show. There were 10 contestants total on the show.

A favorite throughout the season, Lomas consistently impressed the judges. But the millions who were supposed to see those moments never got the chance.

"I was so looking forward to everyone seeing how the show unfolded, because it was really going to be an interesting, great show," Lomas said.

She says she's now exploring other new opportunities to showcase her talent. For one, she has made several connections from her popular blog, Foodie in New York.

We bet she does just fine in this field.

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