According to reports, a teenager was arrested by Baton Rouge police officers after receiving a tip about someone selling drugs at a gas station along College Drive. Officers reportedly ended up seizing a dozen guns and a plethora of drugs following the arrest.

Baton Rouge Police
Photo courtesy of WAFB

Reports say that officers initially received a tip about someone selling drugs at a gas station along College Drive in Baton Rouge. Officers went to the gas station at the corner of College Drive and Corporate Boulevard and confronted the teenager, per reports.

At that time, reports say that officers found the juvenile in possession of 17 rocks of crack cocaine as well as a gun. Authorities proceeded to arrest the teenager at that time.

Reports go on to say that authorities proceeded to search the teenager's home where they found 11 guns in addition to the one they found on the juvenile. They also reportedly found more drugs, which included over nine grams of heroin, 14 grams of meth, nine grams of marijuana, and 43 suboxone tablets.

via Baton Rouge Police Department
via Baton Rouge Police Department

The teenager has reportedly been booked into the East Baton Rouge Juvenile Detention Center.

See the full report from WBRZ Channel 2 on Facebook below.

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