The bathroom is usually a safe-haven for us guys to get some quiet time from the rest of the family. One guy in Baton Rouge is now not so sure about his sanctuary.

It all started when this guy and his wife, Tammy McCallop, began arguing after he got home a bit late from a night out. Yeah, getting home at 7:00am will usually cause a bit of a tiff between couples.

In the middle of the argument, the husband paused to take a quick potty break. Tammy wasn't having any of that.

She proceeded to grab a knife and busted into the bathroom yelling "I'm tired of your [s***]" and went to stabbing him three times in the chest.

I guess she could've been using that term literally in this case.

Anyhoo, the good news is that the husband survived and the wife was arrested for domestic abuse battery and aggravated battery.

And we can only imagine how nervous he is now when he simply goes to the bathroom!

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