Now, I'd like for you to take a deep breath before we begin. This story is not a political statement, nor is it an opinion for or against the COVID-19 face mask mandate. However, it is a story to remind all of us that we're molding future generations with our actions, and children are watching.

In this Facebook video a woman causes quite a stir at Yogurtland in Baton Rouge allegedly over COVID-19 face masks.

In an effort of fairness, keep in mind in this video we don't get to see whatever incidents led to the woman's public outburst. We only get to see the symptoms and not the cause.

As I stated earlier, this is not a debate or opinion piece over anyone's stance on the public COVID-19 face mask mandate.

The reason why I'm bringing this to your attention is honestly way more important than arguing over face masks.

As the woman's anger escalates to her boiling point she begins to shout obscenities at Yogurtland's employees and customers. As you'll see in the video, three of those customers are young children.

Meghan Matt recounts the event on Facebook -

"We were out celebrating the end of summer school. I had finished my fro-yo and was wearing my mask...Right before I started filming, this Karen was scooping out yogurt with HER HANDS and refusing to wear a mask. Then she yelled 'you F*&$ING LIBERALS' at us (with my kids)..."
You'll also hear the woman yell "You look so stupid with your mask on" seemingly directed at the man who had just pushed her out the door.
Call me nutty, but I really don't think we need to speak to each other around children like this, or anywhere for that matter. I know, I'm off of my rocker...
The bigger issue I think is just that. No child should not be subjected to a situation like this. Whether or not the woman was directing her anger directly to those three children or not. It is not OK for us behave this way in front of children.
Can you remember when you were a kid? How would this situation make you feel?
Another thing we all need to keep in mind is that employees are simply just trying to their job right now, those who are lucky enough to even have a job. Employees are doing what they've been instructed to do, so why yell at them? It's not a personal attack if an employee of a business asks, or even tells someone they need a face mask to be in the establishment. Even if they're not exactly pleasant about it. They're only doing their job.
Alright, thank you for hearing me out. Please stay safe. No matter how you choose to navigate this crazy time we're all in, let's all remember that whatever choices and beliefs we have about it all, it's not OK to forcefully and angrily explode on others who don't agree.