I have found it, the perfect Father's Day gift. This is the gift that Dad would never buy for himself but he will appreciate for many many years to come. Will this be the perfect gift for your Dad too? Let me ask a few questions.

Does your Dad like to play golf, hunt, fish or exercise? Does your Dad enjoy reading, using the internet or watching television? Would you like your Dad to feel better, have better health and even lose weight? What gift could possibly give fill this incredible bill? A gift that's perfect for the active Dad, the Internet Dad and the Dad that needs to lose pounds and inches?

That gift is a new mattress, specifically the iComfort sleep system. I got my iComfort mattress one week ago and I can honestly tell you my life is different. Let me describe how my day gets started and ends. I wake up at one in the morning, if I am luck I can be in the bed for 7 at night. I used to dread climbing in the bed. Our mattress hurt my back so bad I preferred to sleep in our guest room. Then came the iComfort sleep system.

It is a memory foam mattress but it's a foam mattress with a very cool difference. The cool gel that is infused in the mattress actually pulls body heat away from you while you sleep. One of the big complaints of memory foam mattress owners is they get hot, not the iComfort.

This is really a special gift that your Dad is going to thank you for years down the road. The choice is yours, do you want to get him something may or may not like or something that he will absolutely love forever and ever amen.