Are you the kind of individual that feels a connection with beings from beyond this space and time? Almost all of us have had some kind of "creepy" unexplained experience involving the spirit world. Scientists now believe that those experiences may have been manifest in a couple of very common sleep disorders.

Don't let the names of these two disorders scare you worse than the ghost that is hanging out under your bed. One of the disorders is called Exploding Head Syndrome, nothing frightening about that huh? The other is commonly known as sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is almost exactly what you think it is. The mind loses the ability to motivate the body to move for a short period of time. This certainly can conjure up feelings of being haunted, controlled, or possessed by otherworldly creatures. People who suffer from this malady often say they've felt a presence in the room with them while they were under the influences of the condition.

Exploding Head Syndrome is more noise based. Those that have that say they were awakened by a loud noise or a sound coming from somewhere in the room. The sound may or may not be real, most often it is concocted inside the mind and that sudden jolt into consciousness creates an eerie feeling among the sufferer.

While the study in the Sleep Medicine Review does make a strong case for a connection between these two syndromes and paranormal experiences it can't rule out the ghosts, ghouls, and things that go bump in the night entirely. So, I guess if you want to believe in the paranormal you've still got that leg to stand on.


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