McDonald's Corporation has announced a huge change for some of their most popular items - their classic burger lineup. According to Restaurant Business Online, they are removing artificial flavors, colors and preservatives from their hamburger, cheeseburger, McDouble, Double Cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder and Big Mac.

According to McDonald's President Chris Kempczinski, the company has been working on the removal of artificial ingredients for over a year, and the only thing that will have preservatives on the burgers now will be the pickles. As of today, two thirds of the menu items at their American restaurant locations contain no preservatives.

The 14,000 restaurants in the US began the preservative free burger lineup in August.

This is not the only changes to preservative free items that the company has rolled out in recent years. In 2016, all artificial ingredients were removed from Chicken McNuggets and recently the same was done to their soft serve ice cream.

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