As much as we love celebrating Christmas, we know that Mardi Gras is right around the corner. February 25, to be exact. And the New Orleans City Council is gearing up for some major changes for the 2020 Carnival season, the first they've implemented since 2014. A lot of us zip over to the Big Easy for parades and celebrations, so heads up if you already making plans to celebrate at Louisiana's most famous party.

Some of the changes that were approved earlier this week by the Community Development Committee include:

  • Banning parade goers from setting up campers, storage pods, or trailers within 2 blocks of the parade route
  • Krewes will have to unwrap the plastic that covers throws before they lob them into the crowd, and place wrappers in trash cans on their float. They can also get rid of the plastic wrap before the parade, but krewe members can no longer just throw the plastic on the streets.
  • Throwing whole bags of throws will not be allowed
  • Tossing toilet paper from the float is still allowed, but it now has to be bio-degradable
  • According to 'Krewes would not be allowed to have more than 12 dancing groups or marching bands before the floats at the start of a parade. Only one band or dance troupe would be allowed between floats'.
  • The city will now be able to remove personal property that is left on a 'public right of way' four hours before the start of a parade, instead of two hours, which has been the norm before.


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