Blake Shelton filed a lawsuit yesterday in Los Angeles against "In Touch Weekly" magazine after they ran a cover story last month claiming his out-of-control drinking, partying and womanizing led to his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

The story also claimed he hit rock bottom and is heading to rehab. Blake is seeking $1 million in damages plus an injunction that would prevent the magazine from repeating the allegations.

Blake has brushed off countless tabloid rumors in the past, but this one really got to him. You can understand why as the magazine really pulled out all the stops.

They even claimed Miranda caught him with "a bunch of naked women" at their home.

The magazine went on to say that he drank vodka before noon and was slurring his words, that his friends were talking about an intervention, and were actually "terrified" that he would end up dead. Oh, and he went to a bachelor party and finished up the evening in a hot tub full of strippers.

The lawsuit claims that he's "had enough", "has not hit rock bottom", "is not in rehab and has no plans to go to rehab". The suit also claims that Blake asked "In Touch" for a retraction and never got a response.