The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says it has recovered the body of a missing boater after a crash near the Butte La Rose Visitor Center Boat Launch last week.

According to the LDWF, the body of 81-year-old Robert Schoeffler was discovered on Friday near the site of the collision.

The crash happened on April 29 around 2:00 pm when two vessels collided in the Little Atchafalaya River about two miles south of the boat launch.

A 16-foot vessel had two passengers in it when the collision happened. Both were ejected from the vessel and into the water at the time of impact.

LDWF says one of the men was able to swim back to the vessel while the other man did not resurface. Neither of the men was wearing a personal floatation device, according to agents.

LDWF says its investigation is ongoing.

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