When you read that headline who did you think about? I know, I thought about the late George Jones too. Let us yield our good thoughts about the antics of the legendary "Possum" to the reality that driving under the influence is dangerous, deadly, and against the law.

Obviously Ralph Carroll, a 67-year old resident of Boyce Louisiana doesn't understand why people shouldn't drink and drive. He has been arrested now for his third offense and this time he wasn't behind the wheel of his car.

According to reports, Carroll was spotted by officers driving his lawn tractor on State Highway 121. Driving an unlicensed vehicle on a state road is not only against the law but in itself quite dangerous. Carroll then attempted to elude officers by taking his lawn mower into the woods. Officers eventually caught up with him at his residence.

Once the officers made contact with Carroll they reported a strong smell of alcohol. Mr. Carroll was taken to the Rapides Parish Courthouse where he was given a breathalyzer test.  Major Mark Woods with the Rapides Parish Sheriff's office described it this way,

"Once we got him to the courthouse he agreed agreed to blow into the breathalyzer, and he was way above the...well he was drunk,"

Besides the third offense DWI charges, Carroll was also charged with operating an unsafe vehicle and having no driver's license on his person.

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