Guys, you know why it takes your lady so long to get ready for an evening out or to come out of that fitting room at the department store? It's because she has so many things to check and double check before she can feel comfortable in the outfit she is about to wear. We guys are simpler creatures, it zipped, it stays buttoned and it doesn't show a stain or stink, we're good to go! I recently learned of a new female issue in high fashion. Bra Bulge (cue the sinister music right about here!)

There you are standing in the dressing room getting ready to try on that hot new form-fitting cotton tank top you want to wear to your first outdoor spring party. Excited, you whip off your oversized end-of-winter T shirt, and dive into the tank, pulling it down over your jeans. As you twirl in front of the mirror, instead of gleeful exuberance, you gasp and let out a stifled scream.

Ladies we want you to look your best and most importantly feel your best every day. YOU DESERVE IT. If this article doesn't appply to you then discretely pass it on to a friend who could use it, we won't tell it came from  you.

(via Bra Bulge Be Gone! « Everyday Fitness.)