Well I assume that you or someone you know has flown before, but we all know what happens when you"assume."

All the new safety precautions can be a bit crazy. I just took a trip to Nashville and here are my Top 3 Airport Agitations.




#3 Only 3oz liquids are allowed to go on with you.

- They knew I'd buy a new bottle of toothpaste and have to throw it away. But then spend money on their 3 oz tubes.












#2 Babies crying/loud noises

- People, keep your kids quiet! I didn't pay good money to listen to your children crash McDonald's toys into each other.












#1 The man who wants to shine my shoes

- I have sandals on! Besides, I'll need my money for the $20.00 chicken patti I got or the $60.00 Long-term parking fee!

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