Judge Amber Wolf in Louisville, Kentucky has had a string of exciting cases that have come through her courtroom. In the video above, she calls the director of the Louisville jail after a woman charged with shoplifting arrive to court without pants. She scoffed at the recommendation of 75 days in jail for a first-time shoplifting offense and waived the sentence and fine to credit for time served.

Judge Wolf's soft side was on full display with another defendant who was in court for sentencing, but had not ever met his newborn son. She gave him the chance to hold his baby for the first time in her courtroom. The touching video is below.

The most recent episode came when a visibly restrained defendant threatened to find her where she lives. Parts of the video are not easy to hear, but you'll get the point. Come one TV producers! When will this Judge get a show.

More judges should be like her. Common sense wins.

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