It happened last night at restaurant named Baraonda in Atlanta Georgia. I walked into the women's bathroom by mistake. I think there should be lawyers to take my case for the pain and suffering I endured. You're probably thinking, what right have you got to sue? You're the one who can't read English.

There is the problem. Baronda is a fine Italian establishment in the Mid-town section of Atlanta. It's near where Jack,my son, goes to college and we wanted to feed him something other than Ramen Noodles while we were visiting.  Needless to say Baraonda was very authentic, they even had the Italian names, I think, for men and women on the bathroom doors.

The problem wasn't really the words, it was the pictures. The pictures were of those old Italian people. Those flamboyant Italians dressed to the nines, both the men and the women. Come to think of it, if it weren't for the facial hair it would be really hard to tell them apart and in my case it was.

So here is my query. Why can't we just put MEN and WOMEN on our bathrooms? I would be okay with the stick figure people too. There is no need for Buoys and Gulls at a seafood place,. There is no need for Mares and Stallions at a barbecue place. There is no need for the Rooster and the Hen. I was not raised on a farm and do not spend my free time becoming acutely familiar with the genitalia of poultry.

If I could just appeal to the common decency of the restaurant owners and managers of the world.  For God's sake when you have to pee there is no time for reading, reasoning, or thinking. I do appreciate ambiance when I dine. I appreciate sticking to a theme that markets the restaurant and sells the atmosphere too. I don't appreciate being called a pervert because I don't speak Italian or didn't know that some Italian women have mustaches.

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