What's a penny to you these days? For most of us, a penny is just something that is in our pocket or in that little tray next to the checkout counter at a convenience store. To residents of Breaux Bridge, a little penny could make a decided difference in their community.

That's why the Breaux Bridge City Council has opted to let the people make the decision as to whether or not a penny increase in the Breaux Bridge sales tax is a good idea. The current sales tax rate in Breaux Bridge is one cent. The council last night approved a resolution to let voters decide if that rate should be increased to two cents.

Those who support the measure say the increased revenue would help to fund a lot of projects in the city. Those projects include drainage improvements, rebuilding and or replacing infrastructure in the city, and funding for economic development in town too.

So voters in Breaux Bridge will need to weigh the options. Are an added penny and the promise of improvements a better option than letting things remain the way they have been for some time now?

Chances are if you live in Breaux Bridge you have an opinion. I do hope you'll voice that opinion when the time comes to vote on these changes that will have a profound effect on your community no matter which way it comes out.

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