Things are heating up in the local crawfish world, and it's more than what's in the pot.

Over the last few days, two popular local crawfish restaurants have taken to social media to address the fact that they share the same name with one another—but are actually two different restaurants with two different owners.

The Cajun Claws in Abbeville took to social media first on March 2 to publicly address recent complaints from customers who were allegedly unhappy with the service they received at Cajun Claws in Duson.

Cajun Claws in Duson posted on open reply on their official Facebook page, acknowledging the post from Cajun Claws in Abbeville that included comments that they called "slanderous."

Clearly, the confusion between the two names may be more of an issue between the business owners (which is understandable) but according to many of the comments, it seems as if people really enjoy BOTH restaurants. No restaurant will ever be perfect and of course, the fact that they share the same name will lead patrons to assume all of the Cajun Claws restaurants are under the same umbrella.

This isn't the first time there has been a mix-up like this. I can remember back in 2015 when the Advertiser published a story explaining the "sticky legacy" (and somewhat complex division) of stores that carry some form of the Meche's Donut name.

Again, it's totally understandable that these restaurants may be frustrated about the name confusion, but it truly does seem like people genuinely enjoy both restaurants and I personally haven't seen too many people complain about crawfish.

Let's hope they can get it all sorted and don't allow it to get in the way of doing what they do best!

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