Some people love to give, others love to receive. Then there is the scourge of society that makes itself even more widely well known this time of year, those that love to take. Based on reports from law enforcement officials across several South Louisiana Parishes the "takers" are in high gear when it comes to stealing items from vehicles across the area.

Lake Charles Police say they see an average of two to three vehicle break-ins every day. So far the city has logged almost 800 vehicle break-ins in 2018 and we still have the entire month of December and the bulk of the holiday shopping season to go.

Meanwhile, Vermilion Parish Sheriff's officials and police in Maurice say they've seen an uptick in car burglaries just in the past few days. The sadder part of this story is that a lot of these crimes could be prevented if motorists would do one simple thing. That thing is locking their car doors.

The simple act of locking your car everytime you leave it diminishes your chance of being a victim of a crime considerably. Law enforcement officials also suggest that you remove all valuables from your vehicle or at least don't leave them in plain sight on a car seat or floorboard.

Simple steps and common sense will serve you well when it comes to keeping what is yours as yours. Meanwhile, if you see any suspicious activity in or around parked vehicles in your neighborhood, a parking lot, or any place where it appears as if bad people are trying to do bad things notify police. The victim you save just might be you.

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