In the world of sensual conversation the innuendo is the spark that fans the flame. It's not the payoff that creates the mood, it's the anticipation that generates the heat. In 1973 music fans across the nation were getting all hot and bothered with a sultry country ballad that had us all asking "What goes on Behind Closed Doors?"

1973 was a long time ago. It might as well have been the middle ages as far as sexual innuendo is concerned. Today's music and modern stars strut about the stage, TV, and internet with very little left to the imagination. In 1973 kissing in public was only allowed at  airports and holding hands was very close to crossing to the line.

Then Charlie Rich hits the airwaves with a song that talked about what most of us were thinking about. This is one of those very few love songs that plays just as strongly to the  male emotion as it does to the female emotion.  The lyrics wax eloquently about how proud the man is of his woman for all she is and does and how strong she is. Then goes on to say that when the lights are out and the doors are closed she becomes a passionate lover.

For the ladies the lyrics offered them the respect they deserve for all that they are. Then suggested that even through the tough day and all the responsibility of being a wife and mother, she can still light the candles of love and keep them burning all night.

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