What is more annoying than a loud talking jackwagon on a cellphone? A loud talking jackwagon on a cellphone that you can't get away from. The idea of allowing cellphone use on airplanes is inviting disaster to the soon to be not friendly skies. Have the airlines not read any of the articles on how people disdain cellphone use in a movie theater? I predict the first emergency landing due to a cellphone conflict will occur the first day that cellphone use on planes is officially approved.

I am all for using your text features on the plane. I am all for playing your cellphone games on the phone. Any function of the cellphone that can be done in absolute silence I am all in favor of. I like the idea of on board Wi-Fi that many airline carriers already offer. Let's face it you are usually sitting in an airplane for a couple of  hours you should have the opportunity to make it productive or at least entertaining.

As far as phone conversations go can you imagine the weepy voiced lovesick teenage girl saying goodbye right next to you for 1,500 miles? How about the bald headed business guy with the Napoleon complex yelling at his secretary from Dallas to Pittsburgh? How about the overly amorous ladies man speaking suggestively to his lady friend while you and your kid are traveling to Disney World. Or how about the hard of hearing Grandmother who is talking loudly about her latest doctor's appointment while you're trying to sleep? "No he said a large amount of puss and blood in the  discharge was normal".

Letting people use their cellphones on airplanes is not a good idea. Once you let Pandora's box open you are going to have to deal with all of these demons and more. There are two kinds of people in the world, people who have respect for other people and then there are folks that would talk on a cellphone on an airplane.

You could have a talking and non-talking section similar to the non functioning smoking and non smoking sections that planes used to have. I would suggest that those that wanted to talk during the flight pay double for their tickets. That would discourage people from wanting to sit in that section and needing to use their cellphones.

What do you think about the idea of cellphones on airplanes? Is it a good idea whose time has come? Or is it simply another match on a very short fuse of society out of control?

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