If you've purchased a Celsius drink at some point roughly over the past seven years, you could be eligible for up to a $250 payout.

Celsius Drink Lawsuit
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Celsius Drink Offering $250 Payouts

Celsius energy drink has been advertising "no preservatives" since 2015.

According to a recent lawsuit, the drink's "no preservatives" claim is false and now the company is offering consumers payouts between $20 and $250.

According to newsbreak.com "the company argued the citric acid was used for flavor and not as a preservative, but they still decided to settle the lawsuit."

Reportedly, if you bought a Celsius drink or drink mix between January 1, 2015, and November 23, 2022, you're eligible for a payout.

If you have a receipt to prove you purchased a Celsius energy drink, you could be picking up $250.

If you can't provide a receipt or proof of purchase, you still may be able to get $20.

You can upload photos of receipts and scans over at celsiusclassactionsettlement.com.

Here's how to know what you may be owed as a result of this class action lawsuit Hezi v. Celsius -

"With Court approval, the Settlement provides a Cash Award to Class Members that submit a valid and timely Claim Form. Class Members who previously purchased a can of Product during the Class Period may submit a Claim to receive One Dollar ($1.00) for each can of Product. Class Members who previously purchased Celsius On-The-Go or Flo Fusion powdered drinks, which typically are sold in packages of 14, may submit a Claim to receive $5.00 per package of 14. Class Members who submit approved Claims with receipts will be capped at a Cash Award of Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250.00) per household. Class Members who previously purchased a Product but who cannot produce a receipt may submit a Claim to receive up to Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per household."

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