Could drinking energy drinks cause men to lose their hair? A new study claims...yes.

Sale Of Energy Drinks To Children Set To Be Banned In England
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Do Energy Drinks Cause Hair Loss?

Beijing's Tsinghua University recently conducted a survey using a sample size of 1,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45 to find out if sugary energy drinks cause hair loss in men.

The study didn't only include energy drinks but also included numerous other sugary drinks, such as sports drinks, soft drinks, sweet tea, and more.

Some participants were even reportedly instructed to drink Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Snickers that were melted and mixed with Liqueur.

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loading... reports that over a period of four months, participants were "required to drink between one and three liters of the sugary drinks each week."

So, did scientists discover a link between energy drinks, sugary drinks, and hair loss in men?

Apparently, they sure did, and a significant one at that. -

"The men involved in the study were required to drink between one and three liters of the sugary drinks each week, and in conclusion, scientists noticed that these men were at a 42 percent greater risk of experiencing hair loss."

That's close to a 50% greater risk of experiencing hair loss in men who regularly imbibe energy drinks and other sugary elixirs.

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How many energy drinks equals three liters?

Three liters roughly equals six bottles of water or about 100 ounces.

Monster Energy Drinks come in 16 oz. and 24 oz. cans, so if you drink four 24 oz. cans in a day you're coming in just under the three-liter constant used in the study.

Throw in a soft drink or two, a glass of sweet tea, and you've easily hit the three-liter mark.

The takeaway? Everything in moderation.

Sale Of Energy Drinks To Children Set To Be Banned In England
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It's not just energy drinks that the study shows that could be contributing to hair loss, it's also the other sugary drinks included in the study.

Presumably, if you're only partaking in one or two sugary drinks daily, it shouldn't be contributing to or causing any hair loss issues you may be dealing with.

However, if you're pushing the limits of daily consumption, it certainly could be contributing to hair loss issues according to the study.

Again, everything in moderation right?

Do you drink quite a bit of energy drinks and sugary beverages?

If so, do you think they may have contributed to any hair loss you have?


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