Of all the places to unintentionally drop an illegal drug, inside of a courtroom right in front of a police officer has to be among the worst.

Which is exactly what happened to New Orleans assistant city attorney Jason Cantrell. The prosecutor found himself on the other side of the law when a marijuana cigarette fell out of his pocket and onto the floor during a discussion he was having with two NOPD officers inside of the Orleans Parish Magistrate.

Cantrell was promptly arrested. According to sources, the police were understandably laughing when they took him in.

Since he was a first-time offender, the 43-year-old was cited and let go without further punishment. However, Cantrell has resigned his prosecutor post in light of the embarrassing arrest.

He's also caused quite a problem for his wife, who is currently running for New Orleans City Council. LaToya Cantrell is staying in the race, but she was forced to distance herself from her hubby's goofy crime.

“I absolutely do not condone his actions,” LaToya Cantrell said in an interview with the New York Daily News. “I love my husband unconditionally and am very concerned for his health and well-being, and for that of our family. I hope that this incident will encourage Jason to seek the professional help.”

That and more nimble fingers.

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