Lady Luck loves to smile on players who partake in multi-state lottery games available in Louisiana. This past weekend two big money Powerball winners were sold in the state. Now, with the big money jackpots rising in both the Powerball and Mega Millions games could this be a foreboding of good fortune to come for lottery players in Louisiana?

Okay, probably not, but there is an awful lot of money available for someone to win.

There was no big jackpot winner in last night's Mega Millions game. That multi-state jackpot will be an estimated $339 million when the next drawing is held on Friday night. The Powerball jackpot is a nice and tidy quarter of a billion dollars, well that's the jackpot's estimated value for tonight's drawing anyway.

Tonight's Powerball drawing will be held at 9:59 pm. By rule ticket sales for the Powerball and Mega Millions game must be suspended at least one hour before the official drawing takes place. That means you'd want to secure your ticket before 9 pm tonight for the Powerball or before 9 pm Friday for the Mega Millions game.

If you choose to play these games we encourage you to do so responsibly.

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