The Heritage at Cajun Village, a new student housing facility, may have just opened its doors a few weeks ago but some residents of the property are reporting the luster has quickly faded from these new housing units.

There are reports that some of the apartments are not totally finished and some are even missing some appliances. There were also reports that some of the electrical circuits in some apartments were not functioning properly. Some residents also reported issues with key cards and fans.

If that wasn't enough, there appears to be a major parking issue at the complex as well. According to reports, The Heritage at Cajun Village has 600 parking spots. That would mean one spot for each unit. Yet many students have reported more cars than spots at the complex. That means citations for illegal parking have been more the rule than the exception.

Contractors hired to build and complete the project say each building was given a walk through inspection. They also say that during that inspection, items that were not completed or needed repair were added to a punch list. The contractor acknowledged that there were still some small items on their list that had yet to be completed but the majority of those were on the outside of the project.

While I realize that many of these concerns are genuine I think they are just part of the "joy" of any new construction project. No matter how hard contractors try it's just hard to get all of the little details totally locked down. I do believe the problems are in the process of being resolved. Maybe we can chalk some of these annoyances to growing pains.


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