U.S. Representative Charles Boustany is suing the author and publisher of the book that alleges he was involved with prostitutes who were later killed.

A defamation lawsuit was filed Monday in Lafayette against author Ethan Brown and Simon & Schuster, which are the publishers of Brown's book "Murder in the Bayou".

The book, which is about the killings of several prostitutes in Jefferson Davis Parish, includes a chapter claiming Boustany was involved with some of the women. Brown cites multiple anonymous sources but does not allege that Boustany had anything to do with any of the murders.

Brown has stood by his allegations while Boustany has called the allegations "despicable lies".

Jimmy Faircloth, one of Boustany's attorneys in the defamation filing, was reached for comment by KATC. He released the following statement:

Dr. Boustany hired me to defend his integrity and the honor of his family. And that’s what I intend to do, aggressively. The law does not allow someone to slander another person to sell books, not even public officials. Mr. Brown either made up the story or he’s peddling political garbage that he knew or should have known is false. It’s easy to spread hateful lies about others, but it’s not easy to defend it under oath while facing the prospects of perjury. This lie will be exposed and those responsible will be held accountable.