There's no telling what's going to happen when Drew Brees decides to hang it up and end epic reign as the leader of the Who Dats.

There are also questions swirling around in Carolina as to what they're going to do with Cam Newton especially after head coach Ron Rivera was fired on Tuesday.

Kyle Allen after a blazing hot start with the Panthers has cooled off and they're now 5-5 without Newton under center. Don't forget this is a guy who was the MVP of the league and brought Carolina to a Super Bowl.

If Carolina does decide to move on from an injury-prone Newton, 30, he'll be on the hunt for a new home and one ESPN NFL Insider stated that new home might just be New Orleans...

During a recent appearance on the ESPN Daily Podcast with Mina Kimes, Jeremey Fowler said that he could see Cam Newton linking up with Sean Payton and replacing Drew Brees.

“The wild card here is New Orleans,”  said Fowler after he discussed a couple of more-realistic spots Cam could land like the Los Angeles Chargers or Chicago Bears. “Now, it would be unlikely, but one guy I talked to said Sean Payton secretly loved Lamar Jackson in the draft, and he loves that style of quarterback. Where you can get creative, you can run and you can throw and you can do whatever you want. And so, they’ve kind of experimented with that with Taysom Hill as a result.”

There is also a possibility that Taysom Hill will get a shot to replace Brees or maybe they bring back Teddy Bridgewater who went 5-0 filling in for Brees when he was injured.

We already know how much love Sean Payton has for Taysom Hill the football player giving him all kinds of opportunities to get on the field. The only thing we haven't seen him do is play on the defensive side of the football.

However, Newton has a ton of wear and tear on his body. He's undergone a countless number of surgeries, he's taken the most hits of any player in the NFL since he entered the league in 2011, and he just had a second surgery performed on his injured foot on Wednesday.

It would certainly be a risky proposition to trust that Newton would be able to stay healthy, especially if you gave him big money to come play in New Orleans. In addition, would the Saints even have the money to bring in a guy like Newton?

Time will tell.


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